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  The J. Atkin Provision Merchant barrow, about 1895.

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Dennis Tivel Senior has actively been researching the Tivel family connections for nearly two decades. He has traced family connections through seventeen generations from our youngest family member, back to the 15th century. Truly, the work has been a labor of love.

The first goal of is to present the results of Dennis’ work to family connections.

The second goal of the site is to help anyone who is interested in creating his/her own genealogy. We will do this through informative articles, tips, tutorials, and resource links on our blog.

We encourage family connections to contact us. You can use the contact form at our blog to tell us about any information, photos, and documents that can be used to make our current genealogy more inclusive.

We want to hear from family connections who would like to help us at There are many gaps in the genealogy that need to be filled. With each new generation, the genealogy expands to include new surnames, and these new family connections need to be recorded here.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Searching for Our Family Connections by Dennis Tivel Ancestry and genealogy mean roots. For most Americans, roots do not go very deep. America is about the future, not the past, as in most European countries. Americans arrived and had a tendency to move often, to start over and over again, to go west, etc. As a consequence many of us, including myself, would have great difficulty itemizing our ancestors beyond our grandfathers and grandmothers, who were still alive and with whom we were somewhat acquainted. Beyond them, we had scarcely any knowledge of their ancestors and where they came from or how they lived.

feature 2 Hans Tivel Biography by Elizabeth Marie (Tivel) Kowalski My Father, Hans Tivel, was born in Viljandi, Estonia April 9th, 1878. His Father's name was Henri Tivel, and his Mother was Rita Karu. (My sister, Marguerite, was named for her.) Henri Tivel was a stage coach driver and the family lived above the station. Dad was a very young child at the time and he remembered riding high up on the coach with his father on many trips, and he described the sensation of traveling at such a height. The coach line serviced the public much on the order of the Greyhound bus lines today. New drivers would be exchanged at stations and would continue on with the passengers. Fresh horses would replace fatigued animals.

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